Novidade - 'Voaria' Vinyl - Artists Novidade Genre Proto House, Bubblegum Pop Release Date 26 Aug 2022 Cat No. ISLE015 Format 12" Vinyl - Isle Of Jura Records - Isle Of Jura Records - Isle Of Jura Records - Isle Of Jura Records - Vinyl Record

Novidade - 'Voaria' Vinyl

LABEL:   Isle Of Jura Records

ARTISTS: Novidade
RELEASE DATE: 2022-08-26
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Proto House, Bubblegum Pop

Originally released in 1990 ‘Voaria’ was written by Benjamin Nhassavele and produced & arranged by the late Tata Sibeko, the revered South African producer and member of Kabasa. Taken from the LP of the same name ‘Voaria’ was released at a time when early house music was emerging as a key influence in the South African musical landscape, an evolement of the Bubblegum pop sound that had fused disco and boogie with township funk. Characterised by Roland kick drums, Yamaha DX7s and Juno Synthesisers the Kwaito sound is the musical heartbeat of ‘Voaria’.

As well as being in Novidade, Benjamin toured the world extensively as part of Alec Kaholi’s Umoja and ‘Voaria’ is a song about his desire to go back to Maputo, his hometown in Zimbabwe. Featuring Benjamin on lead vocals ‘Voaria’ comes in 2 versions, a main House mix on the A side and the Clubhouse mix on the flip which switches up the arrangement placing more emphasis on the magical groove. The 12” is housed in a full sleeve jacket by Bradley Pinkerton based on the original release design.

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