Oluko Imo - Oduduwa - Oluko Imo - Oduduwa - Artists Oluko Imo Style Afrobeat Release Date 9 Feb 2024 Cat No. SNDW12053 Format 12" Vinyl - Soundway Records - Soundway Records - Soundway Records - Oluko Imo - Oduduwa - Soundway Records - Soundway Records - Vinyl Record

Oluko Imo - Oduduwa

LABEL:   Soundway Records

ARTISTS: Oluko Imo
RELEASE DATE: 2024-02-09
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Afrobeat

Recorded between Lagos and New York in 1988, the tracks sit at the fault line of the Trinidad-Yoruba connection, blending calypso heritage with the Afrobeat and jazz of Nigeria. On the A-side, title track 'Oduduwa' is a brooding slice of peak-era Transatlantic Afrobeat, blending a heartfelt plea for social justice and equality with a haunting piano line, shuffling drums and ethereal sax solo. The song takes its name from Oduduwa, the founder of the Ife Empire, who is also seen as a divine Orisha (deity) in Yoruba culture, one that is often evoked by musicians and activists in Trinidad as a signifier of Yoruba heritage on the island. On the flip, 'Eyes Are Getting Red (Were Oju Le)' is a long-lost slice of low slung Afrobeat featuring both Fela and Femi Kuti. Classic Nigerian horns and keys combine with Oluko Imo's Caribbean- influenced guitar and Fela's virtuoso sax solo, bridging the musical gap between Lagos and Port of Spain.

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