OM - Older Brother from the Rock - Artists OM Genre Breakbeat, Techno Release Date 10 Jun 2022 Cat No. SMR006 Format 12" Vinyl - Sound Metaphors Records - Sound Metaphors Records - Sound Metaphors Records - Sound Metaphors Records - Vinyl Record

OM - Older Brother from the Rock

LABEL:   Sound Metaphors Records

RELEASE DATE: 2022-06-10
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Breakbeat, Techno

Tribal dubby breakbeat project originally released in 1991 by Manchester born drummer Morgan King, brought back 30 years later with a remastered release.

Guaranteed anthem for the introspective dancefloors, with heavy dubbed out breakbeat rhythms under trance inducing didgeridoo sounds. A side takes you on trip spanning over 12 minutes starting with faster paced floor action that gracefully fades into a half tempo section – two for one – flipping over to the the B side with two more versions of “Older Brother from the Rock”, the Tribal Om Mix and the Om Beats - something for everyone. Seriously remastered and re-cut for maximum dancefloor presence. Huge on proper sound systems.

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