Rare Silk - Storm - Artists Rare Silk Genre Smooth Jazz, Modal Release Date 25 Nov 2022 Cat No. BEWITH01TEN / ERC065 Format 10" Vinyl - Emotional Rescue - Emotional Rescue - Emotional Rescue - Emotional Rescue - Vinyl Record

Rare Silk - Storm

LABEL:   Emotional Rescue

ARTISTS: Rare Silk
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-10
FORMAT: 10" Vinyl
STYLE: Smooth Jazz, Modal

Emotional Rescue turn their attention to Rare Silk and their sublime cult classic "Storm". It's one of those rare tracks with a wonderful otherworldly quality that manages to be smooth and accessible, and somehow not like anything you've ever heard before. It must be somewhere in the mix, between the dreamy harmonized vocals, lush instrumentation and curious sense of space. The original on the A side is a treat enough, but then throw in a mercurial dubbed out version by Arp on the flip and you've got yourself a 12 inch portal to a most delightful dimension.

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