Saigon Soul Revival - Họa Âm Xưa - Artists Saigon Soul Revival Style Funk / Soul, Pop, Folk, World, & Country Release Date 1 Jan 2019 Cat No. SSS03 Format 12" Vinyl, Gatefold - Saigon Supersound - Saigon Supersound - Saigon Supersound - Saigon Supersound - Vinyl Record

Saigon Soul Revival - Họa Âm Xưa

LABEL:   Saigon Supersound

ARTISTS: Saigon Soul Revival
RELEASE DATE: 2019-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl, Gatefold
STYLE: Funk / Soul, Pop, Folk, World, & Country

In the 1960s and ‘70s, unbeknownst to most, Saigon (today named “Ho Chi Minh City”) had become a fertile environment for a flourishing music industry which produced countless recordings of beautifully crafted songs. Ho Chi Minh City based band, Saigon Soul Revival has been bringing alternative pre 1975 music from Saigon back to the stage since 2016 with their live performances. Honoring the original composers, singers and the golden era from which this music (Nhạc Vàng) came, while applying new arrangements and interpretations of old Vietnamese songs. With tight grooves, psychedelic textures and a powerful unique sound, SSR has performed countless shows at a variety of venues across Vietnam, and accompanied live the two release tours to the Saigon Supersound Compilation releases. While spending the last three years studying and playing this music, Saigon Soul Revival teamed up with producer Jan Hagenkötter (Saigon Supersound / INFRACom!) and finally in January 2019, they started to create own compositions in the same vein for their debut album Họa Âm Xưa. The album was recorded in Vietnam with additional guests during one week in May this year. The album focuses on compositions that fuse Vietnamese lyrics and sounds with influences of western rock, soul, bolero, tango and other popular genres of this time period, most of which was banned after the war. This project strives to revive this beautiful musical heritage of Vietnam which represents an important cultural bridge between east and west.

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