Tour-Maubourg - Woodfloor Dubs - Artists Tour-Maubourg Genre House Release Date February 18, 2022 Cat No. SNFSS016 Format 12" Vinyl - Shall Not Fade - Shall Not Fade - Shall Not Fade - Shall Not Fade - Vinyl Record

Tour-Maubourg - Woodfloor Dubs

LABEL:   Shall Not Fade

ARTISTS: Tour-Maubourg
RELEASE DATE: 2022-03-25
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: House

Following his sultry contribution to our six year compilation, SNFSS016 sees Tour-Mauborg provide a blissful journey through the most uplifting corners of house, making stops along the way at Italo, Balearic and cosmic disco.

Whilst the two jubilant opening tracks set the tone for the release, "Interdub" is driven by hollow percussion and sees the record at its most stripped-back. On Dub 003, he teams up with French house connoisseurs, Cosmonection and Marc Bianco, on a warming deep house track, oozing with groove.

Finally, to complete the record's joyous exploration of house styles, hypnotic melodies energise the two closing tracks and capture the transportive allure of the Belgian producer's music.

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