True Persuaders - Roots Man Skank - True Persuaders - Roots Man Skank - Artists True Persuaders Style Roots Reggae, Dub Release Date 1 Jan 2017 Cat No. JAMWAX14 Format 7" Vinyl - Jamwax - Jamwax - Jamwax - True Persuaders - Roots Man Skank - Jamwax - Jamw - Vinyl Record

True Persuaders - Roots Man Skank

LABEL:   Jamwax

ARTISTS: True Persuaders
RELEASE DATE: 2017-01-01
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Roots Reggae, Dub

True Persuaders is a group composed by Courtney Edwards, Peter Seal and Sammy Melbourn. Peter and Courtney are from Harbour View and Sammy is originally from Trench Town, Kingston, Jamaica. They produced and released their first single called "Natty Lead The Way" on their own "Writers Of Rastafari" label in 1979. The song was recorded at the API (JIS) studio where Courtney Edwards worked for a short time after leaving High School. With the help of Bunny Wailer, they pressed and sold a few copies of this record. It's all about heavy roots rock reggae, a thing called "Roots Man Skank", the anthem of True Persuaders, the obscure reggae group that never released any album. The rhythm track was recorded by the great Sylvan Morris at Harry J and then it was voiced at King Tubby's studio with young Scientist as studio engineer in 1981. A Jah Shaka live dance mash down tune.

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