Various - Edits (RO002) - Artists Patrick Gibin, Mark Grusane Genre Disco, Edits Release Date 17 Mar 2023 Cat No. RO002 Format 12" Vinyl - Reach Out Records - Reach Out Records - Reach Out Records - Reach Out Records - Vinyl Record

Various - Edits (RO002)

LABEL:   Reach Out Records

ARTISTS: Patrick Gibin, Mark Grusane
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-17
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco, Edits

Reach Out is back after they made a splash with their first release Chazz - Sassy Style and the wonderful edit Red Greg delivered for the crew. Hailing out of Paris and Amsterdam, the misfits fight nails and teeth to bring the disco-dancer quality dancefloor material with a modern take on it. The quest they have set themselves to in particular is one of authenticity and respect by finding and contracting the rights for any tracks they would release. The label would like to give special thanks to Bluey & Dome Records, Peter for Paladin and Mike & Sony Music for their help and trust. This record is thought around 2 settings that the crew members hold to heart: firstly the Day side with groovy tunes that would fit any sunny day dance with friends, secondly the Night side with more cosmic tracks that will put any night dancefloor into a trance!

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