Various - Enter The Dungeon - Artists Snad, Oward, 2HOT2HANDLE, Incus Genre House Release Date June 3, 2022 Cat No. DMT 012 Format 12" Vinyl - Dungeon Meat - Vinyl Record

Various - 'Enter The Dungeon' Vinyl

LABEL:   Dungeon Meat

ARTISTS: Snad, Oward, 2HOT2HANDLE, Incus
RELEASE DATE: 2022-06-03
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: House

Back in 2021 Dungeon Meat released a special sample pack called Enter The Dungeon created by Brawther which was all run through his rare 12bit Sequential 440 sampler to give that extra grit that we love. A competition was run to allow producers to submit a track that would potentially appear Weapons Of Ass Destruction vol III. Overwhelmed with submissions Brawther and Tristan da Cunha chose A.M projects track which end up on the WOAD release. However they were left with even more bomb tracks from new exciting artists and decided to a whole EP dedicated to the project. The results are 4 killer kutz on one super solid lab of wax that demands to be played all through the night into the early morning. Are you ready to Enter The Dungeon?

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